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RB-DB Tool

Get brand new, interested candidates delivered to your inbox every morning RB-DB Tool transforms the way you find talent by eliminating sourcing and automatically sending you diverse, qualified, top-rated candidates

Spend less than 10 minutes per role

RB-DB Tool streamlines your day so you can focus on the candidate experience

Define your ideal candidate

Describe who you’re looking for in your own words and get precise matches to open roles in a matter of minutes

Choose your people sources

Build a pipeline of external and internal candidates from public data, HR systems, and your ATS – all in one place

Automate personalized campaigns

Run multi-phased, automated campaigns from anyone in your org to drive warm introductions to each candidate

Meet interested, qualified candidates

Receive qualified, diverse and top-rated candidates delivered to you automatically when they show interest

It’s as simple as putting in your candidate wish list

so you can get back to the fun part of your job